Blender Render Farm Software 3.0

Download Render Farm Software for PC and MAC

RebusFarm equips you with the brachial power of the Blender render farm by the Rebus Farminizer Software. Rendering has never been so fast, easy and reliable with the RebusFarm render cloud, directly integrated in your Blender application. The highly-advanced plugin takes care of all assets and render settings to provide a hassle-free experience. Do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 support team if you have any questions concerning the Blender render farm.

Render farm for Blender  © Guave Motion
© Guave Motion

Supported Releases of Blender

  • Blender 2.79b
  • Latest stable version of Blender 2.8

Supported Render Engines

  • Cycles
  • Standard Blender engine

If you have questions about our software and versions, just write an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our support team is always happy to help you!

Specific features of RebusFarm for Blender

  • Renderfarm Blender 2.79b and latest stable version of Blender 2.8
  • Renderfarm Cycles for CPU and GPU, EEVEE and standard Blender engine supported
  • Renderfarm Software directly integrated in the render settings of Blender
  • Renderfarm One-click automatic asset repath for export
  • Renderfarm Easy one-click submission
  • Renderfarm Full support of your own render settings
  • Renderfarm All image formats supported
  • Renderfarm Render layers supported
  • Renderfarm Automatic download into your configured destination folder

Featured projects of RebusFarm with Blender

Environment Rendering | Damien Peinoit


Damien Peinoit, a French CG generalist who works for ILM, was already involved in blockbuster films like ‘Aquaman’, ‘Detective Pikachu’, ‘Division’ or ‘Halo’. The renderings for his tutorial videos were completed in just a few hours with the help of the Blender render farm and saved him much time to finalize his work.


Render Farm Video Tutorials for rendering with Blender

How to use Blender with RebusFarm

Check out how easy it is to send your render job to the Blender render farm. A tutorial video with our 3.0 software will follow very soon. The handling is very easy, so you won't have any problems to render and download your render job super fast. RebusFarm is directly integrated into your Blender application. Once your render job is uploaded and ready to render, you can switch from the menu to your Control Center and have full control over the render process during the whole time. Finished rendered frames are automatically downloaded to your destination folder. There you will find your render job as soon as it is completed. It couldn't be easier. Our tutorial videos will help you if you have any questions. Otherwise you can always contact our support team. Happy rendering!

RebusFarm - Blender Testimonials

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