Unlimited Render Rental

With the Unlimited Render Rental Service you can rent your own server on the Rebus Render Farm.
In your period of rental the machines are available for you 24 hours per day. Check out below our Rental Plans for different Rental Options.

Unlimited Render Packages

You can choose between different Packages for 7 days and for 28 days.

Rent for 7 days
Nodes Price (EUR) Price (USD)
5 EUR 948,07 USD 1,167.64
10 EUR 1.919,86 USD 2,364.50
20 EUR 3.467,27 USD 4,270.29
50 EUR 6.510,15 USD 8,017.90
100 EUR 13.045,54 USD 16,066.89
Rent for 28 days
Nodes Price (EUR) Price (USD)
5 EUR 3.467,27 USD 4,270.29
10 EUR 6.120,38 USD 7,537.86
20 EUR 10.466,73 USD 12,890.82
50 EUR 21.805,77 USD 26,855.99
100 EUR 34.952,44 USD 43,047.43

The software is preinstalled and the costs for licences are already included in the package. For more details about supported software see our Render Farm Specs.

Type of Machines: Dual XEON E5645 (12core) @ 2.4 GHz - 64GB RAM

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The work flow of the Rental Service is the same as the usual Rebus Render Farm Service. You can still export and control your jobs with the RebusFarm Farminizer software. By booking a Rental package, the Farminizer will be automatically configured for Unlimited Rendering.

As always we provide you with our technical support service.

For more information on installing and using the Rebus Farminizer, take a look of our Video Tutorial.